Getting Procurement Criteria Right with Structured Criteria Development

Commerce Decisions’ Structured Criteria Development (SCD) methodology enables the creation of robust, fit for purpose, defensible award criteria for use on procurement projects of any size, complexity and for any recognised procurement process.

The purpose of the SCD methodology is to reduce the risk of legal challenge and project failure by focusing on the development of goals, analysis of dependencies and identification of assurance criteria.

SCD also promotes stakeholder involvement. This White Paper discusses issues related to criteria development and provides an overview of the SCD methodology.

It concludes with an explanation of how the criteria can be used in an evaluation and enhanced with the use of AWARD®.

The paper and CDL methodology/services are valuable for procurement project leaders and stakeholders in both public and private sectors.

Procurement objectives

Defining clear objectives for procurement competition is crucial for project success and assessment.

Stakeholder agreement on what is being procured, success measurement, and transparent decision-making process are essential to mitigate the risk of challenge.

Lack of clarity during or after the competition can result in a loss of confidence and increase the risk of challenge.

The purchase

Clear understanding of what is being procured is crucial within the buying organization.

A lack of agreement on the requirements can impact the choice of evaluation criteria and decision making.

The example of a homeowner choosing a builder illustrates the importance of understanding the service being bought vs just the physical product.

There is a risk of missing key aspects of the requirement without a structured approach.

Momentum within a project team can lead to missed criteria and lack of buy-in.

A structured approach is necessary to ensure all requirements are considered and evaluated properly.

Increasingly challenging legal environment

Procurement project teams used to resolve issues and make decisions during the evaluation process and reach the end point of contract award, even if the quality of the contract was not deemed successful.

However, the increasing number of challenges from unsuccessful bidders and high-profile court cases has led to tighter procurement legislation.

Topics Include

Contract award criteria, decision making, evaluation design, legal, criteria, objectives, scd, structured criteria development

SCD is an important part of AWARD® – the specialist complex procurement software

SCD is an important part of AWARD® – the specialist complex procurement software