Market Engagement success for the UK MOD’s £800m Mobile Fires Platform project

Commerce Decisions has successfully supported the market engagement activities of the MOD‘s £800m project to deliver a new fleet of self-propelled guns.

Key challenges:

  • A long time untapped, unpredictable market
  • The need to engage the marketplace quickly, and efficiently manage large amounts of supplier information
  • The critical nature of their market engagement

About the project:

With a published budget of over £800m over the next 10 years, the UK Ministry of Defence’s (MOD) Mobile Fires Platform (MFP) project is expected to deliver a new fleet of 155mm self-propelled guns which will be used by the Integrated Force across the spectrum of multi-domain operations.

Replacing the 39 calibre AS90 gun, which has been in service since the early 1990s, the MFP will deliver enhanced close support artillery systems and greater operational mobility.

MFP is the lead project within Army Headquarters’ Close Support Fires Programme.

MFP is one of the many projects we support with our AWARD® solution under corporate license within the UK MOD.

We’ve been working with the MOD to support complex and strategic Defence procurements since 2001, and AWARD® is now integrated as part of the Defence Sourcing Portal (DSP) – the MOD’s eSourcing platform, which went live in February 2021.

Find out about how we helped the project team overcome these complex challenges.

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