MOD – Dismounted Close Combat

Supporting DCC MOD teams as they undergo a selection process for major project

Find out the best approach to take for a major tri-service procurement project in this UK MOD case study.

Who is the DCC?
The Dismounted Close Combat (DCC) Integrated Project Team (IPT) is part of Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S) which buys more than £5 billion of new equipment and initial spares for the Armed Forces each year.

What was the project?
The Surveillance System and Range Finder (SSARF) project is defined as a CAT C project, valued between £20 million and £100 million.

The aim of the SSARF project is to provide 24hour surveillance and target acquisition in the battlefield, which will allow operators to identify targets of interest, determine their location and pass to others. The SSARF project is defined as a triservice, multi-discipline project, which means it is for use across a number of areas in all the services – Navy, Army and Royal Air Force.

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