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Deliver better outcomes using the Moderation process

Mastering the basics of robust Moderation is a critical element in your evaluation process and can be a true game changer to delivering best possible outcomes. There are a few best practice steps to follow which we will explore in this paper, to ensure you’re prepped for success.

Throughout this paper, we cover:

  • The real value of Moderation
  • Building the foundations for a successful Moderation
  • Best practice for during the Moderation process
  • The emergence of home working

A successful Moderation ensures that procuring authorities establish and use best practices that guarantee an even playing field for all bidders, and helps you secure the best possible result. But what exactly does ‘best practice’ look like as part of your Moderation process? Find out in our white paper.

Moderation is a key function in the AWARD® Software

Moderation is a key function in the AWARD® Software