5 reasons sourcing tool customers use AWARD® Video

To reduce risk 

AWARD® is specifically designed to support the risky business of complex projects.

Sourcing tools support day-to-day purchases, where far less is at stake.

Why risk it going wrong by using the wrong tool?


“We do some of the less complex, lower value evaluations in our sourcing tool – but we find it quite restrictive; AWARD®offers far more flexibility and we use it to evaluate our higher value, more complex procurements.”


AWARD® doesn’t replace your sourcing tool, it works alongside.

Transfer of data between systems is simple, secure and audited.

For better project outcomes

AWARD® is the only solution specifically designed to support strategic procurements.

Customers rely on AWARD® to delivers best possible outcomes for these projects.

“Our sourcing tool can handle the simple stuff and mini-call offs, but not evaluating a big tender with multiple stakeholders and different user requirements for visibility etc.”

To access enhanced capabilities

AWARD® offers many more features than sourcing tools, to support the specific requirements of complex projects.

For complex procurements, you need AWARD®. Find out more in the blog linked below.