AWARD® in the Sourcing Tools Market

We are often asked where AWARD® sits in relation to other procurement technologies on the market. Directly comparable tools are very rare but this paper discusses in brief the various classes of tool perceived as being competitive to AWARD®, and then look at its positioning in the market.

“Having spent a number of years working within the IT sector, primarily with Software as a Service (SaaS), it becomes more and more evident that things go in cycles.

For example, when it comes to the government or organisational agenda with regard to the deployment of systems, software and systems, the drive is for best of breed solutions one year and then end-to-end the next.

This seems particularly so in the procurement industry, with organisations fluctuating between seeking systems that deliver everything in one package (from P2P to Contract Management) to separate specialised solutions that more comprehensively support the different individual functions.

The general confusion in the market place is magnified by all the ‘noise’ (social media, events, webinars, etc).

Most of the suppliers claim to offer solutions to all your problems in one toolkit – so much so that it’s easy to start believing that problems or business needs exist where there were none before!

It’s no wonder that end-users get disillusioned and confused…”

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Topics Include

Competitor types, integration, shared working environments, sourcing tool integration, sourcing tools

AWARD® is the world beating specialist complex procurement software

AWARD® is the world beating specialist complex procurement software