UK Webinar: How to Successfully Manage Complex Procurements

Webinar Recording

This webinar took place in November 2022: the recording is now available.

Sourcing tools are great for tendering and managing smaller, tactical, projects, but they just aren’t set up to be able to support complex projects.

So how do you manage risk, ensure value for money and maintain a robust, and defensible audit trail when working on complex procurements?

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With a complex project, you need to:

  • Securely manage huge amounts of data
  • Intensely interrogate bidder responses to smartly score them
  • Ensure a transparent decision-making process to protect it from scrutiny
  • Consider and apply the best value for money method and weightings (rather than use the same approach across the board)

Find out how, and start delivering best possible outcomes by watching the recording of our previously live session.

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andy price
Andy Price, Principal Consultant

Andy is the lead consultant on several UK engagements and helps clients to unlock strategic procurement challenges to reach the best possible outcome for each project. Alongside Andy’s proven experience in the delivery of bid evaluation models and strategies, he also supports the development of our best practice methodologies.

About Commerce Decisions

We work alongside your existing sourcing tools to provide support for your top projects: the most expensive and complex procurements you’ll run.

We do this via AWARD® – our flexible and scalable web-based solution designed to deliver best possible outcomes on complex strategic projects.

AWARD® is trusted across the globe to complement the work of sourcing tools on some of the biggest procurements.

For more on this subject, please see our CPD accredited course

For more on this subject, please see our CPD accredited course