Defence Support Group

Defence Support Group uses AWARD® to drive its Supplier Relationship Management initiative

In this case study, learn about our project with the Defence Support Group (DSG) – a wholly owned UK Government Trading Fund.

Who are the DSG?
DSG were established by the MOD to support the Armed Forces and to deliver wider defence objectives in support of the key Defence Industrial Strategy requirements.

What was the project?
We worked with DSG to support the Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) initiative which covers 25 key suppliers across a wide spectrum of goods and services and a wide range of contract timescales. The scope includes 15 contract managers working in DSG.

Download the case study via the pink button below to find out how we helped the project team achieve the following objectives:

  • Obtain greater value for defence
  • Work more collaboratively with defined key suppliers on procurement activities by building and improving stronger relationships
  • Identify and agree on strategic improvement targets
  • Identify and deliver tangible improvements to existing practices and activities
  • Reduce joint costs