Considerations when undertaking Single Source procurement

Although procuring organisations often choose to procure through competition, there are situations where there is a need for a procuring organisation to procure from one supplier from the outset, without the competitive bidder down-selection – a Single Source procurement.

Aside from the obvious increased vulnerability and risk as a result of dependence on a single supplier, Single Source procurement brings with it a specific set of considerations:

  • In the absence of competition, what can a procuring organisation do to ensure that it receives what it needs at a reasonable price?
  • What can it do to replace competitive pressure and evidence that its procurement meets Value for Money (VfM) aspirations?

In this paper, we explore:

  • Why Single Source
  • Advantages of Single Source
  • What is said about Single Source?
  • Analysis of Competition vs Single Source
  • Challenges of Single Source Procurement

Learn more about VfM

Learn more about VfM