Weaknesses of Traditional Supplier Evaluation Methods – Introducing Real Value for Money

This white paper seeks to lay out our concerns with frequently used methods of supplier selection and proposal evaluation in a structured way.

It will also provide some useful pointers on how procurement teams can avoid the pitfalls inherent in these processes.

“The first contributory factor that makes traditional methods problematic is simply that of time.

Buyers do not perceive it as important to put sufficient time and effort into understanding and testing their proposed evaluation methods.

Most public-sector procurement teams see a legal challenge as the most significant risk to a successful

This is closely followed by the risk of delays; caused by not releasing Pre-Qualification Questionnaires and Invitations To Tender at the time required to meet the overall procurement timelines.

Although these risks are obviously important, with potentially serious consequences, there is another risk that is rarely recognised explicitly – the risk of failing to buy the best solution…”

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Topics Include

Analysis, defending legal challenge, differentiation, risk, rvfm, tender evaluation

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Ready for the course?