Webinar: Weighting your evaluation criteria (UK)

Webinar Recording

This webinar took place in December 2023: the recording is now available.

Explore weighting evaluation techniques, including how to select the best approach for your procurement and implement it successfully.

Presented by Procurement Expert, Professional Services Director and Founder of Commerce Decisions, Peter Marshall.

Learn what weighting is and why it matters in the procurement landscape: we’ll discuss how scored criteria impacts your procurement decisions, influence the solutions you receive, and the role they play in ensuring transparency and defensibility. Plus, understand the significance of differentiation between bidders to avoid potential challenges.

Discover the challenges associated with weighting including: reconciling varying stakeholder needs, dealing with different types of evaluation criteria, and addressing human factors like bias and group dynamics. We’ll also touch on how to ensure you have the right outcome.

This webinar is ideal for procurement professionals, project managers, and decision-makers looking to enhance their understanding of weighting techniques and how to leverage them effectively.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights into optimising your procurement decision-making processes by watching the recording of our previously live session.

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Peter Marshall
Peter Marshall

Peter is responsible for managing Commerce Decisions’ consultancy and training services and assisting Commerce Decisions’ clients to deploy best-practice process and tool support on their procurement projects.

Peter’s expertise includes procurement strategy, RFX development, requirements management, planning and executing evaluations, negotiation and contractor debriefing.

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