Welcoming in another financial year

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

As our new financial year gets underway, it only feels right to address the unprecedented times we face across the globe amidst the current pandemic. And so, on behalf of the Commerce Decisions team, I wanted to start by sending our very best to our customers, partners and prospects, and for the health and well-being of you and your families.

If recent events have told us anything, it’s the importance of being agile and being able to respond to unforeseen circumstances. As a business, we are well prepared, and are already finding new ways to engage and add value to our customers whilst coming to terms with how we work together. We begin this new year by pulling together to support our families, friends, customers and colleagues in new ways.

Before we progress much further into FY21, I wanted to pause for a moment to look back at some of our FY20 highlights. Now, more than ever, sharing the positives is an important task. 

FY20 was a fantastic year for the Commerce Decisions team, our busiest and most successful to date, together we:

  • Launched our Accreditation training for our AWARD® customers. Our Accreditation Scheme has been designed to provide a structured pathway for you to become an AWARD® Expert within your organisation. The three levels are a great way to improve your knowledge as well as showcase your own professional development.
  • Welcomed a host of new team members to grow our three global hubs; including our new APAC Sales Director, European Sales Director, and Technical Analysts.
  • Launched our new website, to refresh our brand and make our content and resources easier to access.
  • Saw huge growth in our bid-side division with our ADVANCE™ solution, supporting more bidders than ever before with our expert-led consultancy and solutions.
  • Hosted the first event of its kind to celebrate the release of ADVANCE’s latest capability, Position to Win. At “Battleships: Sink or Swim”, we brought together bidders from organisations such as LMCO, BT Defence, Leidos, Collins Aerospace and General Dynamics to, prepare, position to win and submit a hypothetical bid in just one day in an interactive bid simulation. 
  • Were officially recognized as an approved supplier for specialist procurement services by the Canadian Government after being awarded a Solutions-based Supply Arrangement and joining the TSPS framework. As our support and footprint in Canada grows, it was great to have our experience and contribution to the industry officially recognised by the government.  
  • Continued to support and work with our fantastic client base including the UK, Australian and Canadian defence organisations, Infrastructure Ontario, TfL, NHS England, Inland Rail and many more, whilst also welcoming new clients onboard.  
  • Have continued to work on our methodologies to ensure our thought-leadership not only reflects current best practice but is cutting edge and thought-leading. Most recently, whilst also making sure that we (and AWARD®) support all used widely used Value for Money (VfM) methods, we are developing a new method of measuring VfM which is a step on from our proven Real Value for Money (RVfM) process. Watch this space…

We are very proud of our achievements in FY20, we’ve worked fantastically as a team to focus on helping people around the world benefit from the right procurement decisions being made on important projects.

Thank you to all of our customers and partners for their continued support – we look forward to working with you in the coming year, and for many more to come.