Positioning to Win

Finding the marginal gains to drive competitive advantage

This White Paper gives valuable insight into the science behind Positioning to Win and how the method can be used to win your bid.

With ‘pricing to win’ strategies becoming obsolete, this paper explores the pitfalls of traditional thinking and how these can be overcome with this new technique, led and delivered by Commerce Decisions.

“Since the very earliest days of bidding the pressure to succeed and beat the competition has always been immense.

In an industry where there’s absolutely no prize for second place and Bid Managers are driven by the mantra that “losing is not an option”, it’s no wonder that some organisations are being left behind.

The relentless internal pressure to succeed is resulting in bidding teams working harder and harder without necessarily taking the time to step back to identify where their processes can be improved and the areas where they could operate a lot smarter…”

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Topics Include

Buy in, consultancy, consultant, data, independent expertise

Maximise the success of your bid with ADVANCE™

Maximise the success of your bid with ADVANCE™